Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

Published: 25th November 2009
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SID : hi. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it's naturally supernatural. As a matter of fact, John Paul, before we tell them of what you've seen, which is the subsequent 10 years and what is going on to happen in the future, in order that they start to know you a little better, the space shuttle, Challenger-
JOHN PAUL : Right.
JOHN PAUL : I saw it basically exploding before it ever has been launched. And so I called NASA and told them were some issues, told them what I saw, and the answer was,'Well Mr. Jackson, thank you for your concern. There's thousands of check and balances, and failsafe systems, and nothing is going to happen.
SID : That could have been pretty exasperating.
JOHN PAUL : It was frustrating. I believed, well, you know, it's likely me. I'm potentially wrong. Possibly my dream really wasn't a real vision, or it wasn't really what I thought it was. My entire staff was shocked, because I told them. I drew it out. I drew pictures of it. Everything.

SID : What did you say?
JOHN PAUL : Well the last time I was on your program, we chatted about Netanyahu and who would be the next PM of Israel. SID : Right.
JOHN PAUL : And you helped me reveal that Netanyahu was going to become the new PM of Israel, and he was chosen by God to make extremely tricky calls. SID ROTH : And as I recall, you said it was going to be in a difficult time period. JOHN PAUL : Yes, a very difficult period of time for Israel.
What happened?
JOHN PAUL : Well when I was thirteen, I had encephalitis. I came down with encephalitis, which is a swelling of the liner of the brain. You can take a look online and you'll find out that there's been many folk, widely known folks, just in the last ten years that have died from it. And I should have died from it. In truth, I did die of it. I left my body, had an out-of-body experience. I saw my mummy and pa, and doctor, and priest crying, look down at me laying there on the bed, and I was not there. I mean, my body was there, but I wasn't there.
SID : You were observing it. JOHN PAUL : Right. SID ROTH : What was your mum doing?
JOHN PAUL : My ma was crying out to God reminding him of a guarantee that he made to her before I was even conceived, that I'd speak the plans of Almighty God. I would have an 11th hour ministry, that I would proclaim the book of Jesus Christ to folk.
SID : And in actual fact as you understand it an angel came to her. JOHN PAUL : Right. And so an angel came to her and spoke with her and recounted,'Grieve no longer. You're going to have a child. You'll name him John Paul, and he will have an 11th hour ministry, and even your pregnancy will be an indication of that 11th hour ministry.' And she was pregnant with me eleven months, documented, 11 months.

About Sid Roth

Sid Roth's wish is for all folk to know Jesus. His God-ordained method is to go to the Jew first. He has discovered that platforming God's miracles is the best method available for reaching Jewish folks with the gospel. That's why he started It's Supernatural! Television over a decade gone. It's Supernatural! Deals with subjects that most keep away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It emphasises the mystical perspective that the earthly networks do not understand. now the ministry records several shows ahead. Future plans include producing one fine quality TV show per week in front of a studio audience and broadcasting it live. Imagine watching the show and hearing live commentary on Middle East auspicious events as they're happening!

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